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Individual and Society

Individual and Society Coursepack

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This coursepack for Dawson College (Dan Loomer) contains the following readings in .PDF format:

  1. Schaefer and Grekul. “What is the Scientific Method?”, from Sociology Matters. McGraw-Hill, 2007. Pp. 20-29. 
  1. Best, Joel. “Telling the Truth about Damned Lies and Statistics”, from Readings for Sociology. Garth Massey ed. Norton and Co., 2006.
  1. Robertson, Ian. “A Core Sociological Concept”, from Society: A Brief Introduction. Worth Publishers, 1988. Pp. 6-9.
  1. Borgman, Dean “The Evolution, Components and Study of Youth Culture”, from Culture and Youth Studies, September 2014. Pp.1-3.
  1. McIntyre, Lisa. “Technology, Urbanization, and Social Upheaval”, from The Practical Skeptic. McGraw Hill, 2002. Pp. 10-23.
  1. Anderson, Charles H. “Social Class and the Proletariat”, from Sociological Readings in the Conflict Perspective. William Chambliss ed. Addison-Wesley, 1973. Pp. 168-172.
  1. Symbaluk, Diane and Bereska, Tami. “Identifying Ourselves and Identifying Others”, from Sociology in Action. Nelson, 2019. Pp. 67-71.
  1. Currie, Dawn and Kelly, Deirdre. “Who am I?”, from Questioning Sociology. Pavlich and Hird, Eds. Oxford, 2007, Pp. 34-52.
  1. Schmid, Thomas J. and Richard S. Jones. “Suspended Identity; Identity Transformation in a Maximum-Security Prison”, from The Practical Skeptic: Readings in Sociology. Lisa J. McIntyre ed. McGraw Hill, 2014. Pp. 222-233.
  1. Emba, Christine. “Men are in Trouble ‘Incels’ are Proof”, from The Washington Post. June 7, 2019. Pp. 1-4.
  1. Lott, John. “March for Our Lives”, from Fox News. 2018. Pp. 1-6.
  1. Collins, Lauren. “What Women Want”, The New Yorker. July 23, 2018. Pp. 34-43.
  1. Williams, Patricia. “The Distribution of Distress”, from Seeing a Color-Blind Future. Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1997. Pp. 38-43.
  1. Jackson, Adlan. “Watch, Dog” from The New York Times Magazine, July 3, 2022. Pp, 9-12.
  1. Anderson, Elijah. “The Code of the Streets” from The Atlantic, 1994. Pp. 96-104.
  1. Anderson, Carol. “White Rage”, from The Fire This Time. Scribner, 2016. Pp. 83-88.
  1. Syme, Rachel. “Feeling Better Now?”. The New Yorker, March 22, 2021. Pp, 80-81.
  1. Berger, Peter L. “Sociology as a form of Consciousness” in Invitation to Sociology. Anchor Press, Doubleday and Co. 1963. Pp.24-35.
  1. Cline, Emmeline. “Real Life Fan Fiction” in The New York Times Magazine. July 23, 2023. Pp 16-17.
  1. Blakely, Jason. “Doctor’s Orders”, in Harpers Magazine, August 2023 Pp. 25-30.
  1. Coates, Ta-Nehisi. “The Case for Reparations”, in The Atlantic, Pp. 32-37.
  1. Herman, John. “Twitter Wants to be a Gigantic Forum for Everyone and Everything”, in The New York Times Magazine. August 19, 208. Pp. 12-15.
  1. Anderson, Benedict. “Nationalism, Concepts and Definitions”, in Imagined Communities, Verso, 1983. Pp. 5-7, 36-39.
  1. Dyer, Gwynne. “Anybody’s Son Will Do” in Readings for the Practical Skeptic. Ed. Lisa McIntyre, McGraw-Hill, 2013. Pp. 210-221.
  1. Collins, Lauren. “That was Awkward” in The New Yorker. June 19, 2023. Pp. 16-22.
  1. Lepore, Jill “Sorry Spectacle” in The New Yorker. November 14, 2022. Pp 26-32.
  1. Tuck, Eve. And Yang, K Wayne “Decolonization is not a Metaphor” in Decolonization, Indigeneity, Education and Society, Vol 1, #1, 2012. Pp 11.
  1. Rothman, Jason. “Becoming You” in The New Yorker. October 10, 2022. Pp. 20-24.
  1. Srinivasan, Amja. “The Sex Wars” in The New Yorker. September 13, 2021. Pp. 20-26.
  1. Rutgers, Julia-Simone. “Cops on Substack” in The Walrus. December 2022. Pp. 20-24.


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